TYPOLOGY : Architecture

CLIENT : Municipality of Sinnai

PLACE : Sinnai, Cagliari. Italy

DATE : 1999

The area of the project, a total surface of 3200 squared metres, is the public space generated by two existing squares and by a stretch of via Roma.
The idea of this project is to preserve this particular landscape working with minimal elements that reinforce already existing signs, realign traces and introduce only a few elements which, together with others, generate a harmonious complex integrated in the urban fabric. The social and physical context, local architecture and traditions are the starting point to transform a consolidated urban structure in a compatible contemporary language. A large continuous limestone plane extends between the buildings and visually relates them in one big piazza. The peculiarity of this stone called biancone di Orozei is to reflect the natural and artificial light in different ways depending on its polishing. The light is thus certainly one of the principal elements of the project. The large cut generated by the alignment between the buildings gathers the rainwater while the triangular shaped parvis integrates the stairs that lead to the upper part of the square. Sunken in the square archeological findings reappear, as a sort of memory of the past. The tower building that stands next to the parvis, with its regular facade and its contradictory appearance, becomes the pretext to design a symbolic construction that coordinates the whole project.
The line of holm-oaks diverges from the facade of the old townhall according a new perception of the building. African palm trees protect two more intimate parts of the square. The long stone seats are integrated with the facades on all sides of the square.

CREDITS : DESIGN Delogu Lixi Architetti Associati – ARCHITECTURAL TEAM Francesco Delogu, Gaetano Lixi, Michele Molè – COLLABORATORS Christina Andreeva, Alessandro Falquicao, Valeria Leoni, Olindo Merone, Raffaele Lixi – ART CONSULTANT Maria Lai - LIGHTING DESIGNER Marco Marini – BUILDING SITE SUPERVISOR Gaetano Lixi – CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Impresa Luigi Deiana

PUBLICATION: Abitare n.400/2000 - Alinea Editor: “Lo spazio pubblico in italia e spagna 1990-2000” - AU (Brasile) n.94/2001 - Links Int. (Spagna): “Urban Spaces” 2003