TYPOLOGY : Architecture, Interior Design

CLIENT : Private

PLACE : Petriolo , Italy

DATE : 1999 - 2003

Restoration of the Petriolo Castle in a valley not far from Città di Castello, in the Italian district of Umbria, has resulted in refurbished interiors, fully adapted to modern living requirimentes, combined with total respect for the historical fabric of the building itself.
Built in medieval times as part of the nearby towns’s defensive network, the castel complex has numerous architectural stratifications testifying to the variety of uses it has been put to over the centuries, from noble residence to farming state house.
In 1736, Marco Antonio Catrani, counsellor of the Roman Curia, redesigned the main facade, making two large bulwarks to acces the courtyard, and some interior modifications.
The recent project by Delogu and Lixi focuses the conversion of the complex into a set of provate dwelling. So the made a general conservative restoration plan and organized its division into four separate apartments. The so-called chapel apartment featured here occupies only part of the wing on the left of the main portal. Its three-level design without overwhelming it, creating beautifully contrived contrasts between austerity and complexity.

CREDITS : Delogu - Lixi Associati, H. Andreeva, L. Braguglia

PUBLICATION : Abitare n. 360/1997, Links Int. (ES): Rehabililtated Buildings 1999, Nippan (ES): “Transformed Buildings” 2001.

PHOTOGRAPHER : Roberto Bossaglia