TYPOLOGY : Architecture, Hotel Projects

CLIENT : Private

PLACE : Fasmendhoo Island, Raa Atoll, Maldives

DATE : 2016 - Concept design

The island islocated about 28 km (17 M) from the nearest domestic airport Ifuru, about 25 minutes by speedboat.
The airport is served by ten daily flights from the capital Male; six flights with Maldivian Air national airline in the Maldives and four flights a privately domestic airlines Villa. The flight lasts about 30m. From Male. This solution of the domestic flight make the opportunity to reach the island at any time of the day or night in combination of the dozens of international flights.
The nearest inhabited island is located about 2 km, 3m. Speedy boat where there is a small hospital for first aid.
The island is located between the atoll of Raa and Baa, two atolls that have been chosen by international companies to build and operate some of themost famous resorts in the world.
The island has a very luxuriant interior, in the past from the nearest inhabited island, was used as the area of agriculture for growing vegetables. For this reason will not need the import of coconut trees but will be real located existing ones.
Only a small part of the perimeter of the island (1,7 km), about 240 mt. presents a rock area where will be located only water villa (and not over water). The island has not suffered erosion over time due to its huge lagoon that protects it.
The lagoon that surrounds the island, will host the over water rooms, with a height ranging from 70cm to 120cm and it allows snorkeling and swimming with any type of tide.
The interior design project for the Beach Villa proposes a contemporary hypothesis with Thai stylistic references, the use of natural materials such as wood and cement, a wide and high internal volume with a sloping roof , a visible structure and a wide view towards the sea.
The volume of the bathroom is treated as a separate casket, an oyster with a darker and more textural external surface, partially reflecting the sea; when it is opened it reveals an opposite world, ultra-white, technological and luminous. The walls are in white or gray concrete. The volume of the bathroom is externally cladded with unique full-height slabs and internally with identical white slabs with calacatta marble finish. The floors are proposed in two hypotheses: wooden planks identical inside / outside, creating a dialogue with the wooden roof, or alternatively with continuous ceramic.