TYPOLOGY : Architecture, Interior Design

CLIENT : Amit S.r.l.

PLACE : Stazione Termini, Rome, Italy

DATE : 2002

Termini Station in Rome is characterized by spaces with a macroscopic ratio of scale compared to the city, as well as to each passer-by. Many of these have remained unused until today and only recently a restoration and re-use plan have been launched. Under this program, a ticket sales point, for Italian and European theater and musical events, is designed. The ticket office, fuelled by the continuous flow of travelers, becomes itself theatrical event, scenery of the passage.
Two large colored objects fit into the large triple-height space and cling to the top; the light, which comes from the large arched windows of the station, enters the two volumes and is redistributed to the entire space in the hall open towards the tracks. The two areas host the administrative services and the management, the ground floor remains empty and becomes the place of culture, knowledge and choice of theater and musical programs.

CREDITS : F. Delogu, V. Caramagno, F. Gattoni, F. Miccò

PUBLICATION : Monument n. 57/2003